Wheels on Deck, Inc.©, is an IRS approved 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity organization, specifically formed to provide individuals confined to wheelchairs a fishing and cruising experience in a safe, properly equipped and accessible fishing boat. The purpose in WOD becoming a 501(c)(3) organization is to provide a mechanism so that others supporting this purpose have the ability to provide financial resources, in the form of donations, contributions as sponsorships, to individuals who may not have the ability to do so, which are tax deductible.  

Donations or contributions received may either be applied to a designated individual (those named) for their reserved trip, or undesignated. Donations and contributions can also be made in the form of a sponsorship to secure a certain number of trips for wheel-chair confined persons within a group or organization. In these circumstances, a donor may provide guidelines as to where or how the funds should be applied, and who is to participate or sponsored for the trip. If the donor does not have a designated individual or group, WOD will provide names from a list that it will maintain.

Contributions, donations, gifts or bequests can also be made to the overall fulfilment of WOD's mission -- providing additional enhancements on the Bazinga to benefit wheelchair-confined persons, and towards the goal of obtaining a second boat to be renovated in a similar manner for wheelchairs and docked in another location.

Your consideration and generosity in supporting our mission is greatly appreciated.

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Donations by Mail

Please make check payable to Wheels on Deck, Inc.© -38-3994696 - and also identify the specific purpose these funds are to be applied.  Questions can be answered through the information below.

Wheels on Deck, Inc.©
c/o John Fohs
10 Hunt Club Ct.
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